A Community Partnership Program for individuals and families with less than perfect credit

This program is made possible through funding by Ways to Work, Inc., United Way of Allegheny County and local foundations.

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Success Stories

In the Driver's Seat:
How Ways to Work Helps Move Working Parents Toward a Brighter Future

The Story of Anna
Anna is a single mother of two children. She attended in the E.A.R.N. (Employment Advancement and Retention Network) program through PA Department of Public Welfare to help her find a job. She successfully completed a job training placement and then found a job at a local company. Things were beginning to look up for Anna and her kids, except that Anna really needed reliable transportation to get to work and take her kids to child care. Her car needed an engine, brakes, etc., and she was spending hard-earned money on a vehicle that was not worth repairing.

Although Anna was trying to fix her poor credit, she was still not able to obtain a car loan. She attended a Financial Literacy training to learn how to create a budget and better manage credit cards. That's where she heard about the Ways to Work program. She knew this could be the way out for herself and my children. It would ensure reliable transportation to school, work, day care, parent/teacher conferences, dental visits, grocery shopping, and so much more. Anna was approved for a $6,000 loan in 2012 and purchased a 2005 Chrysler. Obtaining the loan has helped her to continue on a path to self-sufficiency. She hopes to purchase a home in a couple of years so that she can provide a stable and reliable future for her children. She credits the Ways to Work Program for helping her to continue to move towards her dreams.

The Story of Regina
Several years ago Regina and her husband separated and she became a single mother. She had to file for bankruptcy because she was not working and could not continue her financial obligations. She got into a job search training program where she worked on improving her interviewing skills because she had been out of work for some time. She quickly found a job after the training program.

Regina had a car that her father had given to her after her husband left, but it was beyond repairable. She needed a car for work, but wanted a vehicle that would not place a heavy financial burden on her family. A co-worker told Regina about the Ways to Work Program and she applied. She was worried her bankruptcy might impact the decision. She was very excited to receive approval for a loan.

For Regina, having a dependable car has been a factor in getting to work on time and receiving a promotion to an administrative assistant. The loan has given her the opportunity to begin re-establishing credit, which will open up even more new opportunities. For Regina, having a job and her own car has helped her be an example to her children that with hard work anything is possible. She says, "I just want to be the best mother I can to my children, give them all I can, take them as many places I can, and show them by example what it means to be a responsible adult and a loving parent."


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